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Our Best Moments

Some Really Memorable Moments in Farming . . .

I've pondered over this web page for a while. There truly is a rewarding, peaceful, and exciting side to running an alpaca farm.  We enjoy the fruits of our labor, relaxing amongst the alpacas at sunset, and we look forward to new births with an excitement that reminds me of Christmas as a kid...what color will it be?  Boy or girl?

Its great.  But... as you can imagine, there are some hilariously difficult times.  Of course, these are only considered 'hilarious' after they occur.

Because I'm a 'put it all out on the table' kinda girl... I'm sharing my most challenging moments at Peaceful Prairie Ranch too!  They usually involve weather, mud, wind, or alpacas and sheep where they shouldnt be.  Once, it involved a 4 foot 'iguana' that was on the property having escaped from a home up the road.  You just never know.... But if you want to be a farmer ~ literally or maybe just a 'virtual farmer' here is a window into our world:



The Day After Shearing... 2010

We plan shearing to be precisely at the very end of April or 1st week of May so the alpacas dont get too hot with the May heat.

This photo is the day after shearing 2010.  It was a freezing, tornado-like dust storm.  We had hundreds of pounds of alpaca fiber somewhat classified in an near the barn and they started blowing like tumbleweeds in this wind storm.

We couldnt even  be outside - but spent plenty of time rescuing rolling bags of alpaca fiber in freezing cold wind.  Even the best made plans....


Shearing 2010

yes.  the white flecks are snow!  The bag catching fiber shows the wind that was so bad -  we just hoped the fiber would fly in!  This was the day that i had an almost 10lb. shear weight from our stud Invincible ... wonder how much actually blew away :(  Well, 2011 is certainly going to be better.  This was crazy for April 29th.  Luckily, the shearing crew are the best guys and had just the best attitude....Even better, they say they'll actually come back again!  (whew!)                                                                    

Updated March 10, 2016