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Prairie Threads by Peaceful Prairie Ranch

A great place to check out the products we create with our amazing natural fibers grown here at the farm.

Gift Packs of Dryerballs w/ Coaster
Art Batts made with alpaca and more!

Natural Color Alpaca Yarns

We Dye! This is Quebrecho Rojo

Welcome to the storefront for Prairie Threads...a division of Peaceful Prairie Ranch.

We specialize in alpaca fibers, batts, rovings, yarns and felt sheets made from our amazing alpaca and merino fleeces grown here at Peaceful Prairie Ranch in Prescott Valley, Arizona. We leave the knitting, crocheting and creating up to you...we always love to see what creative minds create with our fluff grown here at the farm.

Alpaca is simply the best naturally grown fiber on earth...until you see the magnificent Merino fleece we also grow here. With just a handfull of champion Merino sheep we have enough of their amazing springy-squishy wool to blend into our alpaca and kick it up a notch! Who thought that was even possible with alpaca, its so amazing on its own!

So check out our clean (washed) natural fibers sold by the ounce or pound; and our yarns, rovings and batts made from fiber grown right here at the farm. We never add 'superwashed' or offshore fibers purchased to blend with our products - we believe in home grown products processed without harsh chemicals. Our dyed fibers used in the creations you see are dyed right here 8 ounces at a time on the farm. Everything is grown and processed here and at the small mills that we like working with for yarns and rovings. We know you can find much less expensive products (say...from China, scoured with chemicals that strip the fiber and are bad for the environment). However, when you buy from Peaceful Prairie Ranch your supporting a small farm growing the finest natural fibers in an environmentally friendly manner. can feel good about. Almost as good as you'll feel wearing our amazing products!

We take Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover Card as well as Paypal, Square and VENMO. We're pretty certain you'll be 'over-the-moon' with joy when you see our products, but if you are not please contact us immediately to discuss a return or exchange. Dyelots as well as yarn runs that we make can never be duplicated. Every year we create different products with what we grow here at the farm. Every year there are different colors of fleece growing out in the field. If you like something and need more we suggest letting us know SAP, because when they're gone...they're gone.